Richard Mille Rm056 Snow Glazed Watch Review

As the saying goes, “the poor play the car and the rich play the watch”, the watch brand I introduced to you today can really reflect it, and that is the Richard Mille watch. This is a brand founded by Mr. Richard Mille in 1999, named after himself. Its watches are very expensive, with an average selling price of 180,000 US dollars, which is about 1.24 million yuan. Even some watches are about equal to a suite. The poor show off their cars, while the rich wear watches that are more than one million dollars low-key. Richard is called “the ticket to a billionaire.”

There are not many Richard Mille replica manufacturers in the replica market. Many of them are junk products. There are only a few good manufacturers. One is the JB factory, which specializes in tourbillon movements. Many watches with tourbillon movements have reissues, Richard is one of them. The second is the KV factory. This manufacturer has a relatively complete range of styles, but the workmanship is uneven, there is nothing particularly outstanding, but the price is the cheapest one. There is also the “ZF Factory Watch” manufacturer that has only entered the Richard Reprint market in the last two years. The workmanship is one of the best, and it is also a very suitable version for detoxification. The last is our protagonist EUR factory today. This manufacturer only makes the top Richard replica watches. There are already many models, such as the previous RM027, RM052, etc., but the price is indeed the highest on the market, including today This RM056, genuine products can reach 10 million. Today I will introduce this watch to you, but I just briefly talk about the workmanship of the EUR factory. After all, a global limited edition of 5 yuan, the price is 10 million The above watch, I can’t see the genuine product, so I can’t evaluate it.

How about Richard Mille RM056 Snow Glazed Watch
The uncrowned king, EUR Factroy Super Snow Glazed! , To challenge the highest difficulty in watch material engineering, the first replica-grade fully transparent case RM056, 83% of the case is covered with sapphire mirror, customized production RM056 single special tourbillon movement, all gears are arranged according to the authentic, currently The most restored copy of Richard Mille watch so far can make you affordable… is the biggest difference between him and the original.

This watch from the EUR factory has the highest degree of reduction. In terms of materials, it is basically the same as the original product. The sapphire glass body and the handle are exquisitely crafted. It will not have the texture of plastic, but will show a certain look and feel of purple orchid. color.
The movement uses a customized single tourbillon movement. This movement is developed by the EUR factory itself. All parts are reproduced one-to-one according to the original product, and the function is also completely correct.
The strap is a natural rubber strap specially customized by the EUR factory. It fits the body of the wrist and has a buckle with clear frosted lettering. Every detail is taken seriously. Comfort is also one of the qualities pursued by Richard Mille.
This watch is already one of the highest-level products in the re-engraving market, and no manufacturer can surpass it. If you want to ask me if this watch is the same fake? Then I can only say that I will definitely take a fake look. After all, this is a watch with a limit of 5 yuan in the world. It is not accessible to ordinary people, but if you want to get a stylish and top-quality replica Engraved watch, this is definitely a good detoxification product, of course the price is very beautiful! ! !

I personally feel that a watch is a product of positive energy. It is not easy to spend time creating a classic masterpiece. The long time is the most rare in this world. In the current society, persistence is a rare one. Kind of quality. Of course, if you can afford it, it is also a feeling to always play with genuine products. People must have feelings, play with things and raise things. Working hard is to let yourself have what you like. Working hard is to make yourself better and better. The process is not easy. You must also comfort yourself from time to time. , It’s not necessarily moneyless. People who buy happily are not necessarily rich. They just love themselves differently. The gentleman imperial watch, do it personally;

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